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For almost 20 years, Grues JM Francoeur has been your expert in crane rental, whatever the nature of your work, the conditions of your soil, the height of your structure, the required lifting capacity or your mobility needs.

Since 20 years

An established expertise

No matter where your site is located and in what condition the ground is, you can trust the all-terrain cranes suggested by Grues J.M. Francoeur. With a lifting capacity of several hundred tonnes, they are always very popular!

Conventional truck cranes offer impressive performance by being powerful, malleable and extremely safe. This model differs from the “all-terrain” crane by its truss mast and by its increased strength in height.

Mobile cranes are aptly named by being the most mobile in our range! This model is very practical in an urban environment while being easy to move on the road, even over long distances.

You work on an infrastructure or a building? Choose the tower crane. This model has a lot of advantages including almost unlimited height capacities, a narrow structure suitable for tight spaces and robustness in all conditions.

With several experienced technicians, at the top of their game, more than 20 years of experience in the tower crane industry, Grues J.M. Francoeur offers you its thunder team.

The capabilities of the crawler crane will surprise you since it can lift very heavy loads despite its short radius. So you can easily operate it in particularly demanding environments and enjoy greater efficiency in complete safety.

If your work is in a congested environment or in a confined space, you need a self-propelled crane. Because of its very short turning radius, it is your perfect ally for work carried out inside buildings.

They are distinguished by their low-profile design for easy access to the interior of buildings. Industrial cranes can be used in confined places where vertical clearance is reduced, with ease, reliability and safety. You can also count on this model to move loads where other cranes do not have access.

You would be surprised! With capacities varying between 2 tonnes and 4.9 tonnes the mini cranes are more powerful than their name suggests. These compact cranes can sneak in everywhere, even going so far as to easily pass through a door frame.

The boom truck is the most widely used crane model due to its speed of travel and versatility. In fact, it can move quickly while transporting site equipment, which increases your efficiency and your level of productivity. In addition, some boom trucks can reach a height of 200 feet, which adds to their versatility.



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