Mini crane CC1485

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    Mini crane CC1485
    •  Technical Specifications

      With capacities varying between 2 tonnes and 4.9 tonnes mini cranes are more powerful than their name suggests. These compact cranes can sneak in everywhere, even going so far as to easily pass through a door frame.

      This model is ideal for tight spaces, such as the interior of a building or other confined spaces. Controlled by a remote control, the mini-cranes move easily and quickly thanks to their crawler wheels. Several models with different types of supply are available to meet the characteristics of your site: diesel, electric, battery or propane.

      The mini cranes have all the safety devices required according to the ACNOR Z-150 standard.

      Our dedicated team will find the crane model to meet your specific needs. Call us!

      Tonnage (Max) Lifting6,6 tonnes (13 200 lbs)
      Point height (Max)72,2 feet (22,0 M )

      • Make MAEDA
      • Crane type Mini crane
      • Model CC1485
      • Max Capacity Less than 15t. ( less than 33069.34 lb)
      • Max height Between 0' and 100'
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