Mini crane MC285

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With capacities varying between 2 tonnes and 4.9 tonnes mini cranes are more powerful than their name suggests. These compact cranes can sneak in everywhere, even going so far as to easily pass through a door frame.

This model is ideal for tight spaces, such as the interior of a building or other confined spaces. Controlled by a remote control, the mini-cranes move easily and quickly thanks to their crawler wheels. Several models with different types of supply are available to meet the characteristics of your site: diesel, electric, battery or propane.

The mini cranes have all the safety devices required according to the ACNOR Z-150 standard.

Our dedicated team will find the crane model to meet your specific needs. Call us!

Tonnage (Max) Lifting 3,1 tonnes (6210 lbs)
"Boom" length (Max) 28'
Point height (Max) 28,1 feet (8,57 M)

  • Make MAEDA
  • Crane type Mini crane
  • Model MC285
  • Max Capacity Less than 15t. ( less than 33069.34 lb)
  • Max height Between 0' and 100'
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