Crawler cranes 16000

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crawler crane
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The capabilities of the crawler crane will amaze you since it can lift very heavy loads despite its short radius. You can therefore easily operate it in particularly demanding environments and benefit from greater efficiency in complete safety.

This model is also very easy to transport and is quick and easy to assemble. Its tracks allow it to move without problem, even when loaded.

Several models of crawler cranes are available. Trust our experts to advise you on the one that best suits your site.

Tonnage (Max) Lifting 440 tonnes (880 000 lbs)
Point height (Max) 452,80 feet (137,75M )

  • Crane type Crawler cranes
  • Model 16000
  • Max Capacity Between 251t. and 500t. ( between 553360.28 and 1102311.31 lb)
  • Max height More than 500'
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