All-terrain crane LTM 1500

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all terrain crane
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Are you looking for a crane that is both powerful, very maneuverable and has higher lifting capacities? Choose the all terrain crane. As its name suggests, it is very practical because of its efficiency and versatility on all types of construction sites, whether complex or very demanding. Use the all-terrain model for your industrial, commercial, residential works or for your civil engineering projects.

The all terrain crane is easy to move and can travel long distances on the road. In addition, thanks to its drive wheels, it is not afraid to attack off-road terrain!

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Tonnage (Max) Lifting 600 Tonnes (1 200 000 lbs)
Point height (Max) 478 Feet (145,694 M )

  • Crane type All terrain cranes
  • Model LTM 1500
  • Max Capacity More than 500t. ( more than 1102311.31 lb)
  • Max height More than 500'
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