Mobile crane T 560-1

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mobile crane
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Mobile cranes are the most mobile in our range! This model is very practical in an urban environment while being easy to move on the road, even over long distances.

Running on tires, mobile cranes are an integral part of the vehicle. The counterweights can however be transported separately depending on the capacity of the crane. As for the installation, it is done quickly, directly on site.

These cranes are designed to perform several types of work in a single day thanks to the many possibilities offered by their different configurations. With a peak height of up to 240 feet, it is very versatile for many types of structures.

For more information on mobile cranes or any other model, contact our professionals.

Tonnage (Max) Lifting 60 Tonnes (120 000 lbs)
Point height (Max) 167 Feet (50,8 M)

  • Make TEREX
  • Crane type Mobile crane
  • Model T 560-1
  • Max Capacity Between 51t. and 85t. (between 112435.75 and 187392.92 lb)
  • Max height Between 101' and 200'
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